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April 15, 2010 by Nic


As you can see, this is my fitness blog. I am a 28 yo, who has been out of shape for way too long, and I’ve decided to get back in shape–preferably by BlizzCon!

So, I’ll be posting my workouts and such here–right now I’m on a major crossfit kick–LOVING their workouts of the day (WODs), even if I do have to scale them waaaaay down so I can do them!


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My Quote of the Day

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
~Samuel Beckett

Tracking Measurements

Starting Measurements:
Upper arm (L): 15 inches
Upper arm (R): 17 inches
Waist: 42.5 inches
Hips: 45 inches
Thigh (L): 27 inches
Thigh (R): 27 inches

Total Inches: 173.5

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