April 18, 2010 by Nic

I took a day off yesterday, which, after 2 WOD’s in a row, I feel okay about. But that means I need to work out today. And blah, I’m feeling so unmotivated.

It’s a nice, quiet afternoon (well, evening), and I’ve been working overtime, and I tell ya, I want to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING for the rest of it!!

Tomorrow starts a new incentive period at work (which means my productivity numbers start over fresh, things like that) and I’m thinking I will not work out today, and start again tomorrow. It’s so hard to keep a routine going, but I also gotta say, the days that I HAVE worked out, I’ve been feeling soooo much better–I have more energy and feel perkier. Even my wife noticed and commented! Plus I feel all strong and vigorous. Like, hey, I did a CrossFit WOD today. I mean, maybe a really scaled down one, but STILL. lol.

Regardless, I’m hitting it again tomorrow. And wearing my pedometer.

Yesterday’s step count: 469 (I forgot to have it on for most of the day).


One thought on “Unmotivated

  1. catfetus says:

    I think a 2:1 ratio of work out to break days is pretty good. You do need those break days for your muscles to rest.

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