Push Ups, Yeah


April 25, 2010 by Nic

I did 5 correct push ups on Friday!! Which may seem totally lame, but was exciting to me, since the day before I’d only managed 1. For my job test I have to do 10, and I’m feeling waaay more confident about it.

Also, the 3lb dumbbells I have here at my desk for while I’m on the phone seem so much lighter than they did when I first got them–I do rep after rep with them now for way longer before I start to feel any strain. Time to get some higher weighted dumbbells, methinks!


2 thoughts on “Push Ups, Yeah

  1. catfetus says:

    Awesome! 😀 I have been able to do 2 (my goal is at least 3).
    It’s also great when you start to notice that small things around the house that used to seem somewhat heavy aren’t as much (like a full water pitcher, grocery bags, moving furniture, etc).

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