Keeping Going


May 4, 2010 by Nic

So the last couple of days, I’ve still been running–15 mins a day.  Yesterday I ran with a 5-lbs pack on my back to prepare for the test, and I’ve been setting the treadmill on an elevation.

Today I’ll do a complete run through of the test (which is tomorrow!), minus the 140lb dummy drag, b/c I can’t figure out how to really practice for that:

  • 3-story stair climb and descent
  • 10 Push ups
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 15 min jog w/weights

The test is TOMORROW AM, and is practically all I can think about. I want this job SO BAD, and I don’t want to NOT get it just because of physical fitness!!


One thought on “Keeping Going

  1. catfetus says:

    Imo, find a friend who is willing to let you drag them around 😛
    How did it go?

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