P90X Day 1: BRING IT!

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January 17, 2011 by Nic

So I did day 1 of P90X today! At this point I have mixed feelings about how it went. I could not finish all of the exercises for the chest and back dvd or the abs ripper x, but I did sweat a lot and my muscles feel like jelly now, so I think it was a good workout for me nonetheless!

Halfway through the Chest and Back video I almost stopped completely. I actually turned off the dvd and started the abs one, and then I realized I would feel so much better if I at least got through the Chest and Back workout, even if I didn’t complete every exercise. My muscles and my brain have a different idea of what “feeling better” means, but I’m pretty damn happy that I did that.

Here’s what my Abs Ripper X chart for today looks like:

In & Out 25
Seated Bicycle 10
Seated Crunchy Frog 6
Crossed leg/Wide Leg Sit-Up 1
Fifer Scissors 10
Hip Rock ‘N Raise 10
Pulse-Up 0
Roll-Up/V-Up Combo 0
Oblique V-Up 20
Leg Climb 2
Mason Twist 8
Total 92

I gotta figure, that’s 92 more ab exercises than I did the day before, so I feel good about it even if I didn’t get through all 300+ that the crazy people on the DVD did.

So, at this point, doing good. Gonna try to keep drinking water today, and hopefully eat at least a little healthy. And keep reminding myself that this is Round 1. If I want to do P90X again after I’ve finished it once, I can. This can be like my “oh my god, my body has to move, wut?” round. 😀


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