P90X-Day 3


January 19, 2011 by Nic

I’m now on Day 3 of P90X, and seriously wondering WHAT I’ve gotten myself into.

Yesterday was the first Plyometrics X day. Google plyometrics. No, seriously, google it. It’s all about explosive movements, jumping up and down. Squat jumps were the warm up. I’ll just say that my current weight is a bit much to be slinging off the ground over and over….and over again. I did not puke. But I also was not really able to “bring it” through the whole routine. I honestly just counted it a success to keep trying the whole time, and not turn the damn DVD off when the bastard said we were halfway done.

I am feeling pretty good though, I gotta say. I’m not as tired today as I was yesterday. Tonight’s workout will be arms and shoulders and the lovely Abs Ripper X again. I assure you that my abs are, in fact, being ripped by the ARX workouts. Today I just started getting sor from ARX on Monday. Of COURSE that means it’s time to do it again.

But you know, all the toughness of it just makes me feel better. Yeah, it’s hard. Yeah, I sweat, and I wake myself up everytime I move at night because my muslces get stiff and ACHE.

It’s tough. But maybe so am I.


2 thoughts on “P90X-Day 3

  1. Janet says:

    I am actually scared of that P90x program. It doesn’t matter though, since P90x is absolutely unkown where I come from. 😉 Have you continued doing it??

  2. Nic says:

    I stopped doing it after day 3, but I tried day 1 again, and my plan is to continue, starting today. Though, I have a LOT of chores to get done around the house today, so that might get pushed til tomorrow. I would REALLY like to actually complete it at some point though!

    One thing I’ll say about P90X is that even though it is really intense and does require a pretty big time commitment, it can be done by someone (like me) who isn’t in good shape at all and it can still be a challenge for someone who is in incredible shape. For example, the chest and back video has a whole series of pushups, situps, and pullups that are done, and you have about 30 seconds to a minute to do as many as you can. If (like me) you can only manage 2 diamond pushups, you end up with a water break for the rest of the time while the nicely shaped people on the TV are doing like 20. I assume that, over time, I will be able to do more pushups, etc, and have less break time, but I think the format makes it accessible for beginners. They also have lots of substitutions you can try if you can’t do pullups, etc.

    Anyway, yeah, I love P90X, but it is…challenging. 😉

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