Meditation Day 1

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March 12, 2012 by Nic


This is not actually the first time I’ve meditated, but it was the first time since I’ve started the blog, so…

I meditated for over an hour today. Previously, the longest I’ve ever meditated was 15 minutes, so this was quite a different experience. On Curtis’ blog (100 Days of Peace), he talked once about meditating for a few minutes and not being able to focus, and someone suggesting a longer meditation actually help with that; that perhaps he would focus “better” in the second 10 minutes than the first. I’m sure that I’ve butchered that quote a bit, but that (I believe) was the idea, and I wanted to try that out today.

I also used the audio from OmHarmonics. Their website talks about how they can help you start “meditating right” without years of practice. Now, to me, that sounds like a load of bunk, and not something I’m even sure I want…because it seems to me that meditating “right” means learning to just “be” if that makes any sense. However, I did try their audio out, and I will say that it did help me immensely in letting go of thoughts, relaxing, and actually, for long moments at a time, truly thinking about nothing. Which is something I have never experienced before.

I can’t imagine that I will always use this audio, because part of what is important to me about meditation is learning to be more aware of my surroundings, of being and hearing and letting things pass through me, and the audio obviously takes something away from that. I will probably use it a few more times this week, however, as I found it to be a very interesting and relaxing experience. I definitely felt like I was in another mental state. I know, that may sound hokey…unless you have practiced meditation regularly or read anything about the Kundalini experience.

It has also left me feeling very “up”, and in a pretty damn good mood. Interesting…

I’ll continue to keep the blog updated on my meditation experiences as well.


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